Fintech branch

Being a Financial/Technology hybrid in terms of expertise and knowledge is not a side issue. In the disruptive financial moment we are facing, the temptation to believe that a technological partner would be enough to create an actual Fintech solution is big. But it’s not that simple. Real and deep financial knowledge is an essential addition to technological experience, in order to fully respond to the new needs of the sector. We have both.
We were born Fintech in 1987, even though we hadn’t heard of such a word back then. That’s why we can stand by institutions and private bankers against new and emerging challenges:

A generational shift in their clients. From retail to UHNWI clients, Millennials have new demands: more transparency, better client experience, seamless Technology, higher returns...

Rising costs and increasing regulations putting bigger pressure on margins.

Short time-frames to adapt to all these new exigencies...

... and difficulties in finding the right talent to face them.

We’re ready to help bypass these obstacles. Firstly, because algorithmic investment provides greater objectivity, transparency, cost-efficiency and constant adaptation to change. Combined with a design and user experience that wows, these deliveries delight clients. Secondly, because to create seamless financial experiences, it’s equally vital to have a strong team with the right combination of financial, scientific and technological skills, together with long experience in the mentioned fields. And ours is great.

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