Technology Facilitator (APIs)

Technology is a powerful ally. But it can also turn into a dangerous trap if you can’t find the way to adapt to the constant and breathtaking tech changes at the right pace. Sometimes there are no suitable experts, no habits, no know-how and no agility. And sometimes, there’s simply no time. We can help remove these hurdles. We’ve been developing our own financial technology from day one. Here, quick adaptation to new technologies and IT systems is a must. Change is our lever.
The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are connectors. They’re software pieces that allow computers to communicate with each other without human intervention. APIs make it possible to share valuable data and complex functionalities, and thus create sophisticated business models more quickly and cost-effectively. By using a third-party API, a financial institution avoids dedicating huge resources to work that might have already been done, very often by highly specialised developers. And if we’re now witnessing an explosion of the API ecosystem it’s because, apart from being cheaper and faster than other options, it allows companies to focus on their very own field of expertise.
The APIs we create are specially designed to provide financial institutions with cutting-edge technology. It isn’t just about the technology, though. It’s about utilizing the right technology to actually power the next generation of financial services.

portfolio analysis

Analytics to find out, for example, what contribution to returns the instruments you’re using are providing.


Makes sure, automatically, that your operations are in accordance with legal regulations.

investment advice

Completely personalised portfolio management. Automation of the whole investment process, flexibility and scalability.

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