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IT Quantitative Developer

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid


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This job is for you if...

You are a recent graduate or you’re close to getting your degree in a scientific field. You’re eager to apply your knowledge to the professional world. You love programming (Python highly appreciated) and you’re not expecting someone to tell you what to do, because you’re able to set your own path and define what’s next. You care about the details, you’re organised and you have analytical capabilities.

You nail it if you have...

  • A degree in Sciences: Computer Science, Maths, Engineering, Physics...
  • Ability to program and to understand the logic of programming.
    • Desing patterns.
    • Testing.
    • Version-control systems, specially Git.
    • Python highly desired.
  • Curiosity, intelligence, and an appetite for learning.
  • Capability of analysing problems and finding solutions.

What you'd have to do

  • You’re going to be programming in Python, but you qualify even if you’re new to Python (as long as you are willing to learn).
  • Understand how the project process works and what tools we have.
  • Be able to modify these tools or even create a new one if it's necessary.
  • Design database structure and organise data.
  • Manage issues and know how to proceed if there's a problem, including client requests.
  • Document the processes and create manuals.

What to expect

A gross annual salary between 18.000 and 25.000 €, depending on your experience and abilities.

You’ll be part of the COM team. The COM is a quantitative foreign exchange hedging product based on different quantitative methodologies.

The program adapts the hedge ratio according to the client’s needs.

  • Our Data Scientists develop the algorithmic methodologies.
  • Our Foreign Exchange Specialists make sure that the final output makes sense in the real world.
  • The IT experts (probably like you) develop robust libraries where the implementation of the developed algorithm and the evaluation of the product in the forex market is possible.

You’ll take part in the entire project life cycle from requirement specification to launching a fully operative version.

You’ll design, implement and test code and you’ll work using agile methodologies for the project (we use Scrum, but we’ll also love you if you’re more a Kanban or Lean person).

You will develop yourself in an international and familiar environment, with a strong learning culture and worksite wellness program.

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