What we do has to make the world a little bit better

What we most value is a stimulating job with real impact on people’s lives, made together with talented colleagues. We fight to make investment a little bit fairer.

In almost thirty years of financial experience, we’ve learnt a lot about how to improve people’s lives through capital preservation. We work to develop a wealth management that assures a quiet journey. In other words: we try to provide stability, security and peace of mind.

That probably sounds less sexy than the astonishing products and apps that tech startups are launching all the time (we are crazy about a lot of them as well). But to keep your savings safe when the markets collapse and to see them grow steadily in the long term can make a dramatic change in your life. It’s the kind of change that allows you to keep your home, for example, instead of losing sleep worrying about your money.

That has a lot of impact on the middle class. But we wanted to put our knowledge at the service of people with no financial capacity at all. We tried with microcredits but it turned out not to be a very good idea.

From failure, the program Saving For Learning was born, first in Peru, later in Ecuador and Guatemala. Our Foundation Investment and Cooperation has helped more than 6,000 people that couldn’t meet their basic needs. They are learning how to save and manage their money in confidence circles. No loan sharks, no banks, no intermediaries. Besides now meeting their basic needs, they’ve achieved self-esteem, democratic habits and integration.

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