Financial Solutions
2000 Logotype of Techrules

From our experience in the field we had detected a financial entities’ need: giving their clients better financial advisory service. So in 2000 TechRules was born as an ETS spin-off. It provides all the technological solutions that a financial institution may need to automate wealth management, making it more cost-effective and adjusted to goals both of the client and the entity.

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1,697,597 Clients
1,397,477 Client portfolios
44,178 Financial advisors using our solutions
13 Countries
Financial Education
2005 Logotype of Fundación I&C

Since 2005, the Investment and Cooperation Foundation has proved that financial education has a huge impact on human life. Our foundation is sustainable and financed with its own resources. One example is the Mutuafondos Investment and Cooperation Fund, in which ETS donates the whole advisory fee to the foundation. Our work and knowledge is put to the service of programmes we think are socially significant, such as the “Saving For Learning” initiative, which has shown more than 6,000 people in Latin America how to self-finance and self-manage through savings and technology.

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Financial Social Inclusion

Logotype of Quipu

Founded in 2006, Quipu is a social enterprise that develops financial technology. Many people think that the disadvantaged are not capable of saving. Even those who are disadvantaged agree with that statement. But it is not true. That’s why, while ETS and TechRules work for established financial actors, Quipu tries to include those socially excluded in the financial system (not necessarily in banking). Its technological platform QMobile is helping thousands to learn how to organise their finances and create savings.

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644,235 Amount saved (US$)
3,277,798 Total disbursed loans (US$)
298,230 Generated interests (US$)
5,992 People saving
Financial Education
2013 Logotype of EOBS

Education is key for us. That’s why we decided to support the creation of a new educational institution, the European Open Business School. Founded by experts in the business education field, EOBS offers online MBAs as well as specialised courses to educate and inspire executives and entrepeneurs. It aims to be a solid bridge between University and the world of business, at the same time building strong relations between South American students and European educational institutions.

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1,000 Students/year
14 Countries
4 Exams/year
100 % Online
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